The Regenerative Medicine Association of Hawaii (RMAH) is a Hawaii-based NPO and is a project NPO of the Foundation for Permanent Elimination of Nerve Pain and Disability, a registered 501(c)(3).

The Regenerative Medicine Association of Hawaii (RMAH) will be an advocate for regenerative and advanced therapies in Hawaii. RMAH will foster research, development, investment and commercialization of transformational treatments and cures for patients in Hawaii.

By leveraging the expertise of our membership, RMAH will empower stakeholders to promote legislative, regulatory and public understanding of, and support for, Regenerative Medicine.

Dedicated to the advancement of Regenerative Medicine based in Honolulu, Hawaii, RMAH will promote legislative, regulatory, reimbursement, investment, technical and other initiatives to accelerate the development of safe and effective regenerative medicine technologies. RMAH will also work to increase public understanding of the field and its potential to transform our Health Span.


Our mission is to accelerate Regenerative Medicine, to improve our Health Span and deliver cures.


Regenerative medicine represents a new paradigm in human health with the potential to resolve unmet medical needs by addressing the underlying causes of disease increasing our Health Span. The emerging field of regenerative medicine is unique in its aim to augment, repair, replace or regenerate organs and tissue that have been damaged by disease, injury or even the natural aging process. This rapidly evolving, interdisciplinary field is transforming healthcare by translating fundamental science into a variety of regenerative technologies including biologics, chemical compounds, materials and devices. It differs from other fields of medicine in the array of disciplines it brings together and, in its ability, to create or harness the body’s innate healing capacity.

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